STREAM by Murphy Munday

26 ft x 6 ft

Inspired by streams in nature; water rolling over rocks, air that meanders through trees, paths animals take to find food. The stream is curling, flowing, undulating, and changing. 

Each arrow has a unique design. Each arrow is on it’s own path. Each arrow is an individual but is part of a group. Each arrow is a collaboration between the artist and nature.

Beavers have left markings on each stick as they gnawed off the bark for nutrition. Each stick was hand-collected as driftwood that floated downstream from the beaver dam or lodge. Each arrowhead was knapped by hand from a larger piece of stone and each arrow features a uniquely-selected turkey feather. All string has been waxed with beeswax for durability with each design a response to the stick, arrowhead, and feather combination - it’s a custom design for each arrow. 

STREAM is available for sale as a whole piece with 60 total custom arrows for $5,000. Please inquire for purchase and installation opportunities.

installation1 (Click on arrows to see them larger)

Time lapse of installation.

Art Print - STREAM
from 55.00

24” x 12” digital print on archival rag paper signed by Murphy Munday, edition of 25.

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